An Albertan solo artist living in Ottawa, Coleman plays highly-stylized, elegant pop. “I love Nat King Cole, Jim Reeves, John Denver… give me strings, horns, a strong melody.” says Coleman. His sound, played by a rotating cast of band-mates recalls the retro-tinged eclecticism of Belle and Sebastian and the modern torch songs of Richard Hawley in equal measure.

 Like Losing a Fight EP I  Coleman’s second release (out now on Bandcamp, Nov. 10th on Spotify) is a sonically rich and collaborative effort, including background vocals by members of Polaris-nominated Bernice and drums by Andy Shauf sideman Olivier Fairfield. “I wanted to make some recordings that were accessible and energetic. If there’s any navel-gazing on them, I wanted it to be purposeful— not depressing,” explains Coleman.

Trained as a double bassist, Coleman played with indie and folk groups across the country from 2003–2012, mostly as a sideman. His solo work at the time culminated in his first solo effort, Landon A. R. Coleman’s Single Life, produced by Leif Vollebekk.

Since 2013, Coleman has been making music in healthcare settings as a music therapist. “I feel like the last 10 years, and the process of making this record, have been about opening up, looking around and trying to dig into what it means to be a sane, whole person. If these songs end up bringing people together to dance or playing in a dental waiting room and imparting hope, I’ll be so happy.”